Aphrodisiac essential oils stimulate sexual response. Although you won't find any Love Potion #9 on this list, aphrodisiac essential oils are noted for creating warm, intimate feelings and opening the user to sensual experience.


Vanilla absolutes and extracts have a sweet, rich, warm aroma. Vanilla essences used in aromatherapy and natural perfumery often smell very much like the vanilla extract used in cooking, however some essences (particulary vanilla absolutes and CO2 extracts) are richer and more complex in aroma.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage’s aroma varies, but it is most often described as earthy and warming. Some variations emanate fruit, floral, sweet, or bittersweet scents, while others are considered musky, herbaceous, or dry.


The aroma of rose is one of the most delicate and evocative on the planet. The softly spicy, slightly fruity floral aroma is romantic and intoxicating. Some rose extracts smell exactly like a flower fresh from the garden, while others have a greener, more herbal aroma. The scent can depend on the extraction process as well as the specific variety of the rose that was used.


Jasmine essence is prized for its exquisite, heady, sweet floral scent. The aroma of jasmine creates an exotic, sensual atmosphere and adds a luxurious, romantic note to aromatherapy blends. It has been said that "there is no perfume without jasmine," because this quintessential floral aroma is so indispensible in creating fine fragrances.


Neroli essential oil has a rich, sweet, floral aroma with hints of citrus. Extracted from orange blossoms, pure neroli essential oil smells like an orange tree in full bloom: lush, fruity, and fresh, with a heady and enveloping floral aroma.


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