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Tonic essential oils are strengthening, either to the entire body or to a specific system of the body.


Bergamot has a wonderfully refreshing, unique citrus aroma with a fresh floral quality. If you've never smelled bergamot essential oil, you may recognize the aroma from Earl Grey tea.


Ginger’s aroma ranges from warm, spicy, woody, and earthy to bright and mildly sweet.  Essential oils made from fresh ginger tend to have a fresher, spicier fragrance, while oils made from dried ginger are usually earthier in aroma.


Lavender has a fresh, herbal, floral aroma that many people associate with old-fashioned soap. Different varieties of lavender have different aromatic profiles, with some smelling more sharp and herbaceous, others more floral, and others more soft and honey-like.

Black Pepper

Black pepper has a warm, spicy, peppery aroma, very much like sniffing your pepper grinder! However, the essential oil is more woody than the fragrance of freshly ground pepper, and may be a bit more earthy as well.


The aroma of rose is one of the most delicate and evocative on the planet. The softly spicy, slightly fruity floral aroma is romantic and intoxicating. Some rose extracts smell exactly like a flower fresh from the garden, while others have a greener, more herbal aroma. The scent can depend on the extraction process as well as the specific variety of the rose that was used.


Rosemary essential oil has a slightly medicinal smell somewhat like camphor. Depending on the variety, it can be reminiscently herbaceous like pine trees, woody, or even minty.


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