Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine flower

Jasminum grandiflorum

Jasmine essence is prized for its exquisite, heady, sweet floral scent. The aroma of jasmine creates an exotic, sensual atmosphere and adds a luxurious, romantic note to aromatherapy blends. It has been said that "there is no perfume without jasmine," because this quintessential floral aroma is so indispensible in creating fine fragrances.

Fragrance Notes: Exotic, Floral, Sweet, Warm

About Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine absolute and other jasmine extracts are made from the flowers of the jasmine bush.

Jasmine flowers are too delicate to withstand steam distillation, and so jasmine essence must be extracted with a solvent, creating an absolute rather than a true essential oil. Traditionally, the solvent used is hexane, which is not ideal because traces of the solvent are left in the final product. However, a recent innovation is CO2 extraction, which preserves more of the delicate fragrance compounds and leaves no impurities in the final oil.

Variations of Jasmine Oil

Most jasmine absolutes are made from Jasminum grandiflorum. However, Jasminum sambac absolutes are also available, and have a similar but distinct aroma.

Benefits of Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine is an extremely sensuous fragrance with a powerful ability to connect us with our ability to experience pleasure. It is considered to be an excellent mood booster, as its rich scent is an irresistible reminder of all the joys the natural world has to offer.

The sweet, exotic aroma of jasmine brings awareness to the sensual side of things, and it is especially effective at connecting emotions with the physical being. Jasmine is useful in facilitating intimacy, as it can help to awaken passion and desire.

Jasmine is a particularly good oil for facilitating creativity; it can awaken passion not just in the traditional sense, but also the passion for ideas and intuition.

A feminine essence, jasmine is useful for a variety of female issues. It can be blended into a massage oil and applied to the pelvic area to support hormonal balance. It is also useful during labor to ease the difficulty of labor pains.

Therapeutic Properties of Jasmine Essential Oil

Antidepressant, Aphrodisiac, Sedative

Research on Jasmine Essential Oil

In a neuroscience study, subjects rated strangers' faces as more pleasant when the scent of jasmine was released into the air. Reference >>

Subjects given an aromatherapy massage with jasmine oil rated themselves as more alert and less relaxed than those given a placebo. Reference >>

Precautions When Using Jasmine Essential Oil

Observe the standard safety guidelines when using Jasmine essential oil.

Although jasmine has traditionally been used to facilitate labor, it should not be used by pregnant or nursing women. In pregnant women, it may induce contractions, while in nursing women, it can decrease milk production.

Jasmine absolute, the most common form of jasmine essence, may contain traces of solvent from the extraction process and thus should never be taken internally.

Buying Jasmine Essential Oil

Typically, Jasmine essential oil sells for around $250 per ounce.

Tips for Buying High Quality Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine absolute and other jasmine extracts are expensive! Because an enormous quantity of jasmine flowers are needed to create a small amount of absolute, pure jasmine essences are extremely expensive to produce. Beware of low-cost products that are sold as jasmine absolute or jasmine oil, as they are most likely adulterated with synthetic fragrance compounds, or diluted in a carrier oil.

Recommended Sources for Jasmine Essential Oil

The following are reputable sources for Jasmine essential oils and extracts.

Jasmine sambac at Plant Therapy
Jasmine absolute from Eden's Garden (via Amazon)
Jasmine absolute at Mountain Rose Herbs
Jasmine CO2 extract from Eden Botanicals

To experience a variety of jasmine aromas without breaking the bank, check out Eden Botanicals' Jasmine Sampler. At the time of writing the sampler contained 5 tiny vials of different jasmine absolutes for just $9.

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