Lavender Essential Oil

Lavandula angustifolia

Lavender has a fresh, herbal, floral aroma that many people associate with old-fashioned soap. Different varieties of lavender have different aromatic profiles, with some smelling more sharp and herbaceous, others more floral, and others more soft and honey-like.

Fragrance Notes: Floral, Fresh, Herbal

About Lavender Essential Oil

Research on Lavender Essential Oil

In a study of 40 adults, lavender essential oil was found to induce relaxation and improve performance on a series of math problems. Reference >>

The fragrance of lavender was shown to improve speed and accuracy in college students asked to do a series of math problems. Reference >>

Lavender essential oil, along with melissa essential oil, was shown to reduce agitation in elderly dementia patients. Reference >>

Buying Lavender Essential Oil

Typically, Lavender essential oil sells for around $30 per ounce.

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