Vanilla Essential Oil

Vanilla planifolia

Vanilla absolutes and extracts have a sweet, rich, warm aroma. Vanilla essences used in aromatherapy and natural perfumery often smell very much like the vanilla extract used in cooking, however some essences (particulary vanilla absolutes and CO2 extracts) are richer and more complex in aroma.

Fragrance Notes: Sweet, Vanilla, Warm

About Vanilla Essential Oil

Benefits of Vanilla Essential Oil

Vanilla is most often used for its universally pleasing aroma. It can help to facilitate a relaxed and sensual mood.

Therapeutic Properties of Vanilla Essential Oil


Buying Vanilla Essential Oil

Typically, Vanilla essential oil sells for around $20 per ounce.

Tips for Buying High Quality Vanilla Essential Oil

Vanilla essences are sometimes labeled by their vanillin content, with higher percentages of vanillin being more expensive. Very high quality vanilla essences can be quite expensive, approaching $200 per ounce. Less expensive vanilla extracts are more likely to smell sweet, like vanilla used in baking, while more expensive absolutes and CO2 extracts are likely to have more interesting and complex aromatic profiles and thus are more useful in natural perfumery. For aromatherapy purposes, the less expensive extracts are usually satisfactory.

Essential Oils Similar to Vanilla

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